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Welcome to the of Weaver Middle Connections Team

The Connections department offers a variety of success-making opportunities to foster learning across multiple modes of intelligence:

  1. musical-rhythmic
  2. visual-spatial
  3. verbal-linguistic
  4. logical-mathematical
  5. bodily-kinesthetic
  6. interpersonal
  7. intrapersonal

Connections Team Members:

Reading Intervention - F. Barkley 

Spanish - P. Diaz

C. Collins and J. Harris

Y. Billingslea, Business & Computer Science/FBLA
K. McIntosh, Junior Leadership
S. Scarborough, Career Planning
L. Vickers, Engineering/TSA/Starbase 2.0

Fine Arts
M. Hazen, Art
T. McGowan, Band
S. Lackey, Chorus & General Music