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Fine Arts

Welcome to the of Weaver Middle Fine Arts  Programs

of the

Bibb County School District

The Fine Arts program is committed to providing a holistic fine arts education that develops the unique abilities of every student-scholar. The department works with teachers of band, chorus, general music, and visual arts in presenting diverse fine arts opportunities through effective teaching that challenges each student. The Weaver Fine Arts program is diligent in holding high expectations for student-scholar achievement. 

Student-scholars gain the benefits of participating in:
 - Art shows (school and county-wide)
 -  Band/Choral Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) events
 - Joint performances with feeder high school
 - Little Kids Rock curriculum model instruction
 - Recruitment performance tours
 - Participating in school-based and district art shows
 - Pep band performances 
 - Vocal performances at college athletic events