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PBIS Matrix

The Weaver Seminole Way









Be Responsible

Come prepared with all your materials for class

Turn in all assignments

Learn as much as you can

Silent passage (No Noise)

Remain in dress code

Travel on the right side of the hallway

Use time wisely

Make teacher aware of any restroom issues.

Walk quickly through serving line

Walk directly to your designated area

Be Respectful

Follow all classroom procedures

Respect your peers and teachers

Keep your hands to yourself

Allow others to have privacy

Wait your turn to go to the restroom

Be polite to lunch staff and staff on duty

Listen to the adults

Use Proper Etiquette

Speak with a respectful voice

Assist your teacher and peers when needed

Assist peers when needed

Wash hands

Maintain proper personal hygiene (Flush toilet and put trash in trash can)

Say "please" and "thank you"

Make sure all food stays on lunch tray

Respect student work and other displays on your way out of the building

Show School Pride

Keep classroom free of trash

Keep hallway of clutter/ trash

Keep restroom area clean

Keep walls clean of all graffiti

Clean your lunch area clean

Throw away all trash even if you didn’t leave it

Set a good example of appropriate behavior for others

Stay quiet in order for others to hear bus/carpool numbers

Make Good Choices

Work hard every day to obtain good grades

Keep a positive attitude

Respect displays and student work

Report problems immediately

Prevent horseplay and bullying

Wait in line patiently in the order you arrived

Follow safety rules of the bus and carpool line